How to choose a Sadhu Board?

How to choose a Sadhu Board?

In order to choose the right sadhu board, you should first of all decide on the required distance between the nails - the pitch of the nails.

For beginners, that is, those who have never stood on nails, or people who need a nail distance for meditation and balancing energy, a nail pitch of 8-10 mm is suitable. This distance will provide a soft entry into the practice. Which ultimately to choose a step of 8 or 10 mm for the Sadhu board, everyone determines for himself. 8 mm is a great option for those who want to stand on nails, but are afraid, as it has a low pain threshold, and 10 mm is suitable for all beginners.

How to choose the pitch of the nails?


1 level - distance 8 mm

For beginners, or those who have tried nails with a long distance and could not stand more than 2 minutes, but do not give up. For those who want to painlessly and gently enter the practice. Suitable for especially sensitive natures. It's a pleasure to stand on such nails


Level 2 - distance 10 mm

A versatile board for regular practice. Suitable for both beginners and those who have already tasted nails and know what it is. This is the basic version, suitable for independent development. In 90% of cases, with a careful attitude to oneself and a firm intention, anyone can master this level of nails. If you are in doubt which nails to choose - take these.


3 level - distance 12 mm

Board for deep study. If you already have the experience of standing on nails and can stand for more than 15 minutes, and also if you are confident in yourself and firm in intention, you know how to work with resistance, there were other practices related to accepting strong sensations and letting go (kali marathon, osho -meditation, kundalini yoga, etc.) you can safely choose this option for practice.


4 level - distance 15 mm

The highest level of nailing. Not recommended for beginners, but real experts will appreciate unquestioningly. Suitable for those who have been using Sadhu Boards for daily practice for a long time.


How to choose the material of nails?

Сopper nails

Copper has a beneficial effect on the body. Metal is a strong antiseptic. It has long been noticed that copper treats not only many bodily diseases, but also relieves mental illness! This is explained simply - this metal has a high conductivity. Copper increases the intensity of energy circulation throughout the body.

The copper nail aspect is the mother aspect. The action is deep and voluminous. Copper has a very unusual, incomparable color: it resembles the reflections of fire and the burning heat of autumn leaves.

Galvanized nails

Galvanized nails also act deeply, but the sensations are brighter, sonorous, comparable to the parental aspect.

The galvanized nail is simple in its appearance, but no less attractive. Products with Galvanized nails are noticeably lighter in weight.

Сopper-plated nails

We have already talked about copper: it is a unique metal with a wide range of useful properties, but, unfortunately, expensive. If you choose a board with copper-plated nails, you get all the useful properties of the metal, but do not overpay.

Also, a significant plus of copper-plated steel is that it has greater rigidity than copper (copper is considered a soft metal), that is, the nails will always remain sharp.

Copper-plated nails are considered more durable than galvanized ones.

The Sadhu board with copper-plated nails looks noble, strong and reliable.

Combination of copper and zinc

Copper-galvanized nails are harmony. Here you can feel the aspects of the two metals and their harmonious influence on each other. The aesthetics of this board pleases the eye and the soul.

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