About us

Welcome to METADESK!

After years of practicing yoga, I sought more profound ways to complement my daily meditations and asanas. This is how I came across Sadhu nail boards and learned their philosophy. They turned out to be extremely beneficial in improving my psycho-emotional state as they helped me greatly in relieving stress, coping with anxiety, and boosting regenerative processes in my body.

Upon regular nail-standing, I developed patience, increased my willpower, and enhanced productivity, which is of paramount importance in our busy world. These are some of the insights I discovered within myself and felt the urge to share them with as many people as I possibly could.

I was initially inspired to create my own production of Sadhu nail boards after I’ve seen the actual results of their use on the daily basis. Hence, in 2016 I launched my own brand called METADESK and surprisingly I found much support among other people seeking spiritual guidance. Within several weeks after opening, I managed to sell my first batch to 10 grateful customers! It was a success provided that Sadhu nail boards are niche products. That gave me more confidence to proceed with more designs and options, so here we are with our full-fledged family business making dozens of people (more than 10000 satisfied customers!) happier and healthier!

Our customers are our top priority, and that’s why we put our best effort into providing them with premium quality and eco-friendly materials! All our products are handcrafted and made of natural plywood which is absolutely safe to be used on the daily basis. As per nails, we offer various materials including certified metals and natural bamboo. To make your purchasing experience with us even better, all METADESK nail boards are provided with comprehensive product descriptions as well as tips for beginners for safer nail standing practice. At the same time, we pay much attention to the design of METADESK nail boards, their coloring, as well as stamping.

We hope our METADESK nail boards will become a total game changer for you in the same way they changed my life for the better! We can’t wait to create something really special for you and your beloved ones. Namaste!