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METADESK™ Sadhu Board engraving #97

METADESK™ Sadhu Board engraving #97
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SADHU BOARDS: Handmade of 100% genuine, water-repellent 1st-grade alder/birch plywood 

NAILS: Certified metals and raw materials (galvanized nails/copper-plated nails/copper nails/bamboo) 

*Materials used in the production of Sadhu boards are durable enough to withstand big loads and serve you for years to come! 


SADHU BOARDS: 32 x 15.5 х 3,7 cm/12, 5 x 6,1 x 1, 4 inches

NAILS: 2x20 cm/0,7x7,8 inches


Choose the distance between the nails based on your experience in standing on nails: 

Beginner Level: 8mm/0.31 inches 

Intermediate Level: 10mm/0.39 inches 

Advanced Level: 12 mm/ 0.47 inches 

Pro Level: 15mm/0.59 inches

Get your life back on track with our yoga boards! 

Introducing  METADESK™ Sadhu Board  your perfect companion for enhancing your nail-standing yoga practice! 

This easy-to-use yoga board works great both for beginner and advanced-level yogis who want to experience deeper sensations from the practice and ignite inner healing processes. Regardless of your prior experience, standing on nails is all about stimulating certain acupuncture points resulting in the natural improvement of all regenerative processes in the body.

Foot massage activated by standing on Sadhu boards releases your internal energy, helps to normalize blood pressure, and relieves you from muscle tension. By complementing your meditation practice with standing on nails, you may additionally combat anxiety, boost your productivity, and develop willpower and awareness to successfully tackle daily challenges and tasks! 


Each Sadhu board comes with a standard engraved image, however, you may opt for a personalized engraving of your choice. Just let us know via a chat message and we’ll come up with a personalized design to make your product one-of-a-kind! 


Thinking of a design of your own? Great! With Metadesk you may create a custom Sadhu board based on a preferred size, color, nail material, and engraving, of course! Simply drop us a line via a chat message and tell us everything you need to see on your yoga board so it truly reflects your personality!


Metadesk Sadhu boards make perfect gifts for anyone practicing nail standing no matter whether they are newbies or experienced yogis. Such unique yoga gifts are always on point on any occasion to help your beloved ones to improve their well-being and understand the depths of their own subconscious through the regular practice of standing on nails


  • 1 set (two boards) METADESK Sadhu board
  • Tips & Instructions on Sadhu board use 
  • Sadhu board storage case 
  • Packaging

🎁With every order, you get a whiteboard cover as a gift.


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We are here to help you on your journey to enhanced well-being and spiritual growth. 


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