Sadhu Boards (Nail Boards) for beginners and experienced standing on the nails practitioners from our own handmade production with free worldwide shipping

  • 🚚Worldwide delivery

    We deliver internationally for FREE! 

  • 🌳 Created by REAL Yogis!

    Metadesk's founder is a lifelong yoga and nail-standing practitioner who created his Sadhu nail boards with both beginners and experienced yogis in mind.

  • 📄 CPC certification

    Laboratory-certified products. 

  • 💯 Premium-quality materials

    Eco-friendly and sustainably sourced birch plywood and certified nail alloys.

  • 🔰Safety

    All nail rows on the Metadesk Sadhu nail boards are distributed evenly, while each nail matches the height of another one to prevent discomfort or injuries. 

  • 🎁Unlimited customization!

    Create a nail board of your own! Simply choose the “ ingredients” such as nail types, board foundation materials, designs, and patterns. 

A wide range of nail types 

In order to provide our customers with a greater choice of products, we offer one of the widest ranges of nail materials. In our assortment, you may find nails of any type, from wooden options (bamboo nails) to various alloys, including copper nails, galvanized, copper-plated, and copper-zinc (50\50%) nails. All the materials are duly certified (there is a certificate of conformity for each product).

A vast collection of nail boards for any level of practice 

We understand that our customers have different levels of physical fitness, so we have designed Sadhu nail boards for every level from beginners to experienced practitioners. For example, for beginners, we’ve come up with Sadhu nail boards with an 8mm distance between nails for painless entry into practice. The nail board with a 10 mm distance between nails is intended for those who practice nail standing every day. Those who can endure more than 15 minutes of nail standing can opt for a Sadhu nail board with a 15 mm distance between nails. Finally, a board with a distance of 15 mm between nails will suit experienced yogis.


Our Engraving Variation


I was initially inspired to create my own production of Sadhu nail boards after I’ve seen the actual results of their use on the daily basis. Hence, in 2016 I launched my own brand called METADESK and surprisingly I found much support among other people seeking spiritual guidance. Within several weeks after opening, I managed to sell my first batch to 10 grateful customers! It was a success provided that Sadhu nail boards are niche products. That gave me more confidence to proceed with more designs and options, so here we are with our full-fledged family business making dozens of people (more than 10000 satisfied customers!) happier and healthier!

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