What is the Sadhu Board for?

What is the Sadhu Board for?

Safe and comfortable nails without error in length for beginners and experienced practitioners in stock and on order with delivery in Ukraine and around the world.

Nails put pressure on the feet, which contributes to better health at the physiological, psychological and energy levels. Why yogis lie and stand on nails, why practice on the sadhu board is needed, we will help beginners figure it out.

Physiological level

Standing on nails is a great way to maintain physical health as well as improve your mental well-being. After practice, endorphins are released, which cause good health. Even a short 15-minute session can improve mental alertness, energy, and mood. It will help you feel less stressed, more focused, and give you a sense of purpose.

Impact on the feet with nails accelerates metabolism, causes a surge of vigor. As a result, immunity is strengthened. Nails put pressure on the feet, but the impact occurs on all internal organs. Maintaining a balance between them is what you need to stand on nails for.

Energy level

Energy is needed by the body to perform any mental or physical activity. It can be obtained by eating healthy food and getting enough sleep. To discover hidden energy resources in yourself, introduce the practice of nailing into your life.

Sadhu boards are an inexpensive source of deep relaxation and body rejuvenation. The practice increases vitality by removing blockages along the spinal cord and smoothing the flow of energy. Works directly with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of well-being. It is used to treat various diseases, especially diseases related to mental health.

Nailing treats illnesses caused by a disruption in the flow of energy in the body. It is believed that when the flow of energy stabilizes, a person automatically recovers.

Nail practice combined with meditation releases the energy of fire. At the beginning of the session, you can even feel the heat in the whole body - this is the beginning of the cleansing of the nervous system. Some people experience dizziness, nausea - the body receives an additional charge that cleanses the spirit and activates hidden skills and talents. By allowing energy to flow through your body, you can increase your performance, resilience, and overall well-being.

Psychological level

Mental health problems can be accompanied by physical symptoms. Our body and mind are inseparable. Depression causes headaches, fatigue, and digestive problems, while anxiety can cause indigestion, for example.

Practice on nails tempers willpower, allows you to learn how to manage emotions and control perception. Makes you more resistant to physical discomfort. Eliminates anxiety, insomnia and concentration difficulties, develops mindfulness. Your body will remember that pain and stress can be overcome, and you can use this understanding as a valuable resource in your daily life.

The point is not to endure pain or compete for the longest idle time. It is about transforming sensations into deep relaxation through breathwork, even if only for a short time to begin with. The pain will begin to disappear completely after 5-10 minutes of long exhalations, pronouncing the meditative sounds "Om" and relaxing the whole body.

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